unMAMEd Seta Games

Seta/Visco Roulette? (Seta/Visco, 8?)

Twin Formation (Seta, 87)
In MAME under the name Thundercade/Twin Formation.

Mokugeki (Seta, 89)
In MAME under the name Downtown/Mokugeki.

五月陣戦 [Mayjinsen] (Seta, 94)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Though the kanji spell out "meijinsen", promotional materials for the series call it "Mayjinsen" in Roman characters.
Unemulated v810 cpu, being worked on [also applied to Mayjinsen 2, now emulated].

五月陣戦 3 [Mayjinsen 3] (Seta/Random House [Aleck64], 99)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
The full title is of this shogi game is "Honkaku Hayasashi Shogi - Mayjinsen 3". Random House, now Yuki Enterprise (Samurai Spirits Zero, Arcana Heart, Megadrive Emulator for Dreamcast etc) had the famous programer Kazuro Morita, who made "Morita's Othello", "Morita's Shogi" and was called "algorithm magician". This game uses his algorithm so the CPU is quick and strong. There are two stages, Academy and Metropolis, and a total of six characters. I hear that Seta was supposed to have ported this game to the Dreamcast.

Jockey Club II (Seta, 9?)

Variant Schwanzer (Seta [Aleck64], 99)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
Five stages. There are two fire buttons, normal shot and variant shot. Variant shot is used to capture and fuse with enemies. When the player ship "Schwanzer" fuses an enemy, you can get a weapon and special attack. The special attack needs full-energy, which increases when you get the energy item. When you kill an enemy with the special attack, you get normal points x 5. The fused enemy is also used as a shield.
There are 3 weapons and special attacks:
Fire (red) - concentrated shot : SP = Meteo Flame
Water (blue) - wide shot : SP = Aqua Storm
Thuder (purple) - homing shot : SP = Homing Thuder

Super Real Mahjong VS (Seta, 99)
Marked as "not working" in MAME however the game does appear to be completely playable.