unMAMEd SemiCom Games

Listing and pictures taken from Hardcore Gaming 101.

Cute Fighter / 큐트파이터 (SemiCom, 94)

An update to SD Fighters.

Carket Ball / 카켓볼 (SemiCom, 96)

From GregF:
Needs the real protection data extracting for this game, runs attract mode with data from others but can't coin it up.

Wonder Dunk / 원더 덩크 (SemiCom, 97)

Pictures taken from Hardcore Gaming 101.

Jumping Pams / 점핑팜 (SemiCom, 97)

Rety & Bluemi / 알앤비 (SemiCom, 98)

Puzzle Bobble type game.

Twinkle II / 트윙클 (SemiCom, 98)

Goal! Goal! Goal! / 골골골 (SemiCom, 98)

Lode Quest / 로드퀘스트 (SemiCom, 98)

Appears very similiar to, if not the same game as, Dream World.

Gaia (SemiCom, 98)

Pictures taken from flyer.

Macheollu / 마천루 (SemiCom, 99)

Picture taken from Hardcore Gaming 101.

Mahjong solitaire game.

Red Wyvern (SemiCom, 2001)

Not sure what the second picture is, but it came from Undumped Wiki. Other picture is from Hardcore Gaming 101.
From Hardcore Gaming 101:
It is not known whether (Red Wyvern) was an update to Wyvern Wings or a full sequel, althogh their close release dates suggest the former.