other unMAMEd Arcade Games from 1990

あした天気になあれ [Ashita Tenkini Naare] (Capcom, 90)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
The game is based on a Japanese comic about golf. The arcade version is a rare release by lease.

Mega Double Poker (Blitz Systems Inc., 90)
Maxi Double Poker Jackpot (Blitz Systems Inc., 90)
Maxi Double Poker (Blitz Systems Inc., 92)
Poker 52 (Blitz Systems Inc., 93?)

Swiss Poker (Golden Games, 90)

Casino Strip XI (Status Games, 90)

Poker Roulette (Coinmaster, 90)

Time Machine v2.0 (Barcrest, 90)

Backgammon (ADP, 90)

Paranoia (Naxat Soft, 90)

Horror Story (Toaplan, 90)
In MAME under the name Demon's World/Horror Story.

Tatsujin Oh (Toaplan, 90)
In MAME under the name Truxton II/Tatsujin Oh.

Devil Shock (Naxat/Techno Soft [unreleased], 90)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is an arcade version of the Mega Drive game Devil Crash (Crush in the US). It was announced at the AM Show '91 but never released. The original Devil Crash is for the PC-Engine (Naxat/Compile 1990) and was a sequel to Alien Crash (Naxat/Compile 1988). The Mega Drive version was ported by Techno Soft in 1991. BTW, the following are the unreleased Techno Soft arcade games I know of:
Thunder Force AC 2 (Techno Soft [unreleased], 92?)
Info from ShimaPong:
Arcade version of Thunder Force IV (1992)
Blast Wind (Techno Soft [unreleased], 93)
Info from ShimaPong:
Vertical scroll shooting. Saturn version exists but different music?
Inazuma Savor (Lightning Savor) (Techno Soft [unreleased], 94)
Info from ShimaPong:
Another version of Blast Wind?
Nekketsu Oyako (Techno Soft [unreleased], 94?)
Info from ShimaPong:
A Playstation/Saturn version exists but with different characters? An arcade version has been confirmed in Sasebo, Nagasaki-based Techno Soft.

Turnover (Barcrest, 90)
Skill Trek (Barcrest, 92)
The Crystal Maze (Barcrest, 94)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Based on a British game show.
The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (Barcrest, 94)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
The Mating Game (Barcrest, 9?)

Monkey Chi Chi no Fuwafuwa Puzzle (Sunwise [prototype])

Pictures taken from Emulation Status.

IQ Pipe (AMT, 91)

Pop Shot (prototype) (Dynamo, 91)

Mega Lines (Fun World, 91)
Super Card (Fun World, 92)
Fruit Star (Fun World, 92)
Power Card (Fun World, 93)

After the War (Dinamic, 91)

Atari ST version picture from GBman.
Megaphoenix (Dinamic, 91)

Atari ST version picture from GBman.
Hammer Boy (Dinamic, 91)

PC version picture from GBman.
Info from GBman:
These games uses the following hardware: a Motorola M68000 processor, a TMS 34010 for the graphics & a Z80 Zilog for the sound. They were Spanish games programmed by Dinamic in 1991.

Beauty Block (AMT, 91)

Beeline (BFM, 91)

Skeet Shot (Dynamo, 91)

Popshot (KMD [prototype], 91)
Skeet Shot (KMD [prototype], 91)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
These two games were exhibited but never released.

Mahjong Tenkaigen Part 2 (Dynax, 91)

Multi Win (Funworld, 92)
PhotoPlay (Funworld, 9?)

Virtual Combat (Kyle Hodgetts/VR8 [limited release], 93)
Shadow Fighters (Deutech, 93)
These two VR headset type games run on the same hardware.

Mad Dancing (Human, 92)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This Final Fight style game is unique in several ways. The three buttons are Upper Attack, Lower Attack and Jump. You hold the attack button to block. The player first crouches when you hold the jump button, then jumps when you release it. Pressing both attack buttons triggers Super Attack, which decreases your energy. Pressing all buttons when the gauge is full triggers the Special Attack. The Special Attack gauge increases when you kill an enemy.
There are three planes to play on, like in Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury. You switch with the Up/Down key. The first stage has three rounds, and you proceed by killing all the enemies. There's a boss every three rounds. You can recover in a bonus round between stages, or by slow degrees when you hold still. Energy recovery items don't exist. This game doesn't have lives, so an empty energy gague means game over. The characters are Joe Sawamura (Muay Thai), Yuko Akiyama (Rhythmic Gymnastics), and Raiden-Riki (Sumo Wrestler)

Front Row (Human, 92)

Pictures taken from magazine scans.

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
Unreleased F1 race game. It's split-screen on one monitor, and has digital inputs, a 2-way stick and three buttons. Human released a similar game on the Mega Drive, "Fastest One". World Championship is the single player mode. It has a total of six stages, America->Monaco->Canada->Italy->Spain->Japan, and you can go to the next race when you defeat a rival car. Battle is the versus mode. You choose a course and compete with 4 laps.

Battle Blaze (Sammy [ever finished/released?], 92)

Janshi (Eagle, 92)

Thunder & Lightning 2 (Visco, 92)
In MAME as Block Carnival/Thunder & Lightning 2.

Heated Barrel (Tad, 92)

Pictures taken from the MAME WIP page.

Pictures taken from The Guru's page.
Legionnaire (Tad, 92)

Pictures taken from Tim's Arcade Page.
Info from MameC:
Uses a custom programed FPGA, SEI300, to offload some math calculations and misc functions. The infamous "COPX-D1" (and/or COPX-D2) chips appears to be math tables used by the SEI300 and not the actual MCU. The functions of the SEI300 haven't been emulated / simulated well enough for the games to run. (Also applies to Godzilla, SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki, Denjin Makai, and Seibu Cup Soccer)
Why it's not emulated (MAME WIP):
Legionnaire and Heated Barrel are not playable in the WIP driver because the MCU is not correctly emulated.

Seibu Cup Soccer (Seibu Kaihatsu, 92)

Pictures from ShengLong!
Protection issues.
Description from ShengLong:
This is a soccer game (obvious) that has a special feature. When a player of your team scores a goal that player keeps running with the ball and a special bar appears. When this bar turns completely red, the player can makes a "Dynamite Kick" which is very difficult for the goalkeeper to stop.
About why it isn't emulated I don't know exactly but I heard that it suffered the same encryption than Raiden 2 and Raiden Dx.

Godzilla (Banpresto, 93)
Protection issues.
SD Gundam Gaiden Burning Attack (Banpresto, 93)

Raiden II (Seibu, 92)

Pictures taken from Tim's Arcade Page.
Info from MameC:
The sprites are encrypted but the encryption has been broken. The real issue now is the use of a custom programed FPGA, SEI1000 (later version of the SEI300), to offload some math calculations and misc functions. The infamous "COPX-D2" chip appears to be math tables used by the SEI1000 and not the actual MCU. The functions of the SEI1000 haven't been emulated / simulated well enough for the games to run. (also applies to Raiden DX and Zero Team)
Why it's not emulated (R.Belmont):
The sprites are encrypted, and apparently very well. The various people who've cracked the Neo Geo, PGM, Sega 8-bit, and other encryptions have all run screaming from it. Play it in Raiden Project on a PSX (or an emulator if you for some reason insist on playing it on a PC).

Raiden DX (Seibu, 93)

Pictures taken from The Guru's page and World of Arcade.
Unemulated protection.

Tokeijikake no Aquario (Westone, 93)

Picture taken from Gamesetwatch.
Gamsetwatch translation of Japanese page:
Side-scrolling platformer with a mechanic allowing players to trigger temporary invincibility to plow through tough enemies. The invincibility mechanic was dropped in subsequent versions in favor of easier, simplified gameplay, and development was scrapped after multiple poor showings.

Zero Team (Seibu, 93)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Why it's not emulated (R. Belmont):
It's dumped and encrypted and has a suicide battery. Fun.

Turbo Poker 2 (Micro Manufacturing Inc, 93)
Magical Touch (Micro Manufacturing Inc, 95)

7 Smash (Sovic, 93)

Bingo Mania (HP Automaten, 93)

デッドリースポード [Deadly Spode] (Sammy [prototype], 93)

Pictures courtesy of Shimapong.
While "Deadly Sport" might make more sense as a title, the Japanese katakana does appear to read "Deadly Spode". The original scan also says "© Summy 1993" though, so until an actual screenshot of the title screen is found I guess we won't know for sure!
More info from Shimapong:
SSV but unreleased. AKA : Street Browl. Street Browl is first title of Deadly Spode.

Street Games (New Image Technologies, 93)

Survival Battle Dynamic Trial 7 (Toaplan [prototype], 93)

Picture taken from Undumped Wiki.
限界挑戦 Distopia [Genkai Chousen Distopia] (Toaplan [prototype], 94)

Pictures taken from Arcade History and Postback who got them from "Japanese media".
One of the final games being developed as Toaplan went bankrupt. Snapshot is a little blurry but I think my kanji is wrong for this entry. Open to corrections! Not open to corrections is "distopia" which is misspelled on the title screen.

Zool (Bellfruit [RasterSpeed hardware], 93)

Bank Robbery (Entertainment Technology Corp., 93)

Mahjong Cafe Doll (Dynax, 93)

Quick Jack (ADP, 93)

Ms. Pac-Man Twin (Susilu, 93)

Pictures courtesy of Demián.
More information and movies at the web page: http://robbie.mameworld.info/mspactwn.htm.

Joker Card (Vesely Svet, 93)

Saikyou Battler Retsuden (Sunsoft/Ephch/Maruka, 93)

Chanta to Suu no Cross de Pon (Sunsoft [prototype], 93)
Punky Doodle (Sunsoft [prototype], 93)
Developed by Sunsoft America, only two were ever made. Flyer has no game pictures, but describes it as a "colorful, comical maze game". The blue blob-like heroes leave a trail behind them, and if they touch a pumpkin it follows the trail and destroys enemies in its path.
Quiz Mezase Idol (Sunsoft [prototype], 94)

Sweet Hearts II (Aristocrat, 95)
Top Gear (Aristocrat, 96)
K.G. Bird (Aristocrat, 96)
Black Rhino (Aristocrat, 96)
Golden Canaries (Aristocrat, 96)
Dolphin Treasure (Aristocrat, 96)
Phantom Pays (Aristocrat, 98)
Coral Riches II (Aristocrat, 2000)
Magic Mask (Aristocrat, 2000)
White Tiger (Aristocrat, 2001)
Geisha (Aristocrat, 2001)

USO 800 / USO Hakkenki (Banpresto, 94)
This is a fortune teller machine.
Kidou Senshi Gundam Final Shooting (Banpresto/Visco [SSV hardware], 95)
In MAME as "Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting".

S-Plus Coral Reef (IGT, 94)

Ron Jan (Wing Co. Ltd., 94)

Pinkiri 8 (Alta, 94)

Skat TV (ADP, 94)

Western Shooting (Art & Magic, 94)

Popoitto Hebereke (Sunsoft, 94)

V Goal Soccer (Tecmo)

Pictures taken from The Guru's page.
World Cup '94 (Tecmo)
Tecmo World Soccer '95 (Tecmo, 94)
The sequel, "Tecmo World Soccer '96" is in MAME.
Burning Street (Tecmo [unreleased], 95)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is a team fighting game like the 3 vs 3 KOF series. The main difference is that ALL characters fight at once. There are 8 teams to choose from, and you can only directly control the leader character. The 2 sub characters are optional. You only lose if the leader character's energy gauge is empty. 8-way joystick + 3 buttons (punch, kick and prescription for sub characters).

Spellsinger (Art & Magic [prototype], 94)

Orbatak (American Laser Games [prototype], 95)
Ran on 3DO hardware. On a personal note, I remember this game being in the UC Berkeley "Underground" arcade around 1995. Flyer and YouTube video also exist.
Way of the Warrior (American Laser Games [prototype], 94)
Another proto game on 3DO hardware.

VLC Nevada (VLC Inc., 95)

Dual Games (Labtronix Technologies [prototype], 95)

Quarter Horse Classic (ArJay Exports/Prestige Games, 95)

Tournament Solitaire (Dynamo, 95)

Leader (bootleg, 95)

Rock (Yun Sung, 95)
In MAME under the name Magix/Rock.

Pango Fun (Italy) (InfoCube, 95)

Rebus (Microhard, 95)

Taiwan Chess Legend (Uniwang, 95)
Why it's not emulated (WHATSNEW.TXT):
Only partially decrypted.

King of Football (BMC, 95)

Print Club (Atlus, 95)
Mainly for reference, it might not be possible to emulate as it needs a camera + printer.

着せかえ花札 [Kisekae Hanafuda] (I'Max, 95 [MACS])
着せかえまーじゃん [Kisekae Mahjong] (I'Max, 95 [MACS])
Seimei Kentei Meimei Ki Cult Name (I'Max, 96 [MACS])
Unknown cpu, seems to be z80 based (16-bit?) with extra opcodes.
Jigsaw Paradise (I'Max, 96 [MACS?])

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
クイズ彼女がハテナに着がえたら。。。 [Quiz Kanojyo ga Hatenani Kigaetara...] (I'Max, 96 [MACS?])

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is a quiz game with undressing scene. You select a girl, costume and bust size (B or E-cup). This game and Jigsaw Paradise are at least rare or perhaps even unreleased for MACS.

BTW, the MACS board is very interesting. It has 2 cartridge slots, and if you put game cartridges in both slots, a game selection screen appears after inserting a coin. In this screenshot, you can select Kisekae Mahjong (A) or Kisekae Hanafuda (B).
I think this will be not reproduced on MAME, because it doesn't support multi-cartridge systems right now.

X Se Dae Quiz (Dream Island, 95)

The Hermit (Dugamex, 95)

Golden Pyramids (Aristocrat, 97)
Queen of the Nile (Aristocrat, 97)
Diamond Touch (Aristocrat, 97)
Adonis (Aristocrat, 98)
Margarita Magic (Aristocrat, 2000)

Mahjong Tensinhai (Dynax, 95)
Mahjong Raijinhai DX (Dynax, 96)

Reno Reels (BwB, 96)
BwB Tetris (BwB, 9?)
Red Hot Poker (BwB, 9?)

Go! Go! Connie chan Jaka Jaka Janken (Eighting, 96)

Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES bootleg, 96)

NeoPrint V1 (SNK, 96)
NeopriSP Retro Collection (SNK, 96)
Neo Print - '98 NeoPri Best 44 (SNK, 98)

Dead or Alive prototype version (Tecmo [Model 2], 96)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
In this prototype (AOU show?) version, the basic game system ("hold" system, danger zone etc) is finished, but a main diference is that you can select Kelly. Jann-lee, Rei-fang, Kasumi, Bayman and Kelly are selectable (the other three characters are missing).

Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II (Psikyo, 96)
In MAME under the name Tangai/Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II.

Cherry Master '97 (Dyna, 96)

Fruit Fresh (Chain Leisure, 96)

Hot Slot (ABM Electronics, 96)

Tecmo Stackers (Tecmo, 96)
This is the world version of "Deroon Dero Dero".

NBA Jam Extreme (Acclaim, 96 [ZN1 Hardware])
Why it's not emulated (Brian Troha):
This game makes heavy use of encryption that's built into the ZN1 platorm.
Info from Brian Troha:
Program loading & banking needs to be sorted out. The sound CPU is a ADSP2181 and Aaron Giles renectly added full support for this chip for another hardware platform. Once enough time is available to focus on this game, it will all be worked out.

Magic Purple (Unico, 96)

Pictures from ebay auction sent by Brian Troha.

Dead or Alive (Tecmo/Sega [Sega Model 2B], 96)
Zero Gunner (Psikyo [Sega Model 2B], 97)
Pilot Kids (Psikyo [Sega Model 2B], 99)

Print Club 2 (Atlus, 97)
Print Club 2 '97 Winter Ver (Atlus, 97)
Print Club Pokemon B (Atlus, 99)

Hit Poker (Accept Ltd Bulgaria, 97)

Fruit Star Bonus (Webak Elektronik, 97)

Doom II (mockup, 97)
Info from Stiletto:
In February 2003, according to Randy Hoffman / Mr. Goodwraith, MAME.net forum member "gamegearfan" confirmed with John Romero himself: the "Grosse Pointe Blank" Doom II arcade cabinet was a mockup by the props department of the film, it was never produced.

Super Pool (ABM Games, 97)

Fashion Gambler (ADP, 97)

Jackpot Pool (Electronic Projects [Italy bootleg], 97)

Croupier (Playmark, 97)

Driver pictures from MAWS

Deuces Wild 2 - American Heritage (unknown, 97)

Magic's 10 2 (ABM Games, 97)

POD (UbiSoft [prototype], 97)
This game "Planet of Death" was exhibited at the '97 E3 Expo and is also a Windows game.
Info from Undumped Wiki:
While the game's unique content ("Arcade" track) have since been leaked/released and playable through various means, the original HDD/BIOS/firmware have not been dumped.

Gallop Racer 2 (Tecmo [TPS hardware], 97)
Info from Brian Troha:
Though there is some type of issue with Gallop Racer 2 which may or may not affect Gallop Racer 3. It's not known whether it's a CPU core issue or banking... It doesn't work correctly in ZiNc either.

Quizard Rainbow (TAB Austria, 98)

Road's Edge / Round Trip (SNK [NeoGeo64], 97)
Samurai Showdown: Warrior's Rage (SNK [NeoGeo64], 98)
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (SNK [NeoGeo64], 98)

Quake Arcade Tournament (Lazer-Tron/iD Software [prototype], 98?)

Magic Tennis (Art & Magic, 98)
Shout & Shoot (Art & Magic, 98)

Samurai Showdown 64 (SNK, 98)
Xtreme Rally / Off Beat Racer! (SNK, 98)
Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare (SNK, 98)

Magic Card Jackpot (Impera, 98)

Movie Card (Golden Games, 98)

Funny Fruit (Cadillac Jack, 98)

Funky Ball (dgPix, 98)

International Toote (Coinmaster, 98)

Stelle e Cubi (Italy) (Sure, 98)

Grand Prix 98 (9?)

Wild Poker (Tab Austria, 9?)

The Untouchable (Play Pak, 98) A fighting game inspired by Mortal Kombat. According to the flyer, hardware uses a CD-ROM.

Eleven Beat (Hudson, 98)

Tul Lin Gu Lim Chat Ki '98 (Eolith, 98)
In MAME under the name Hidden Catch/Tul Lin Gu Lim Chat Ki '98.

Miss Tang Ja Ru Gi (Eolith, 99)
In MAME under the name Land Breaker/Miss Tang Ja Ru Gi.

Photo Play / Masters / World Championship (Tecmo, 99)

X Tom 3D (Jamie System Development, 99)

Odeon Twister 2 (CD Express, 99)

Savage Quest (Interactive Light, 99)

Four Roses (99)

Mahjong Cafe Break (Nakanihon/Dynax, 99)

NtCash (99)

Gran Tesoro? / Play 2000 (Nova Desitec, 99)

Dengen Tenshi Taisen Janshi Shangri-la (Marvelous Ent., 99)

California Chase (The Game Room, 99)

Wizard (A.A., 99)

Funny Land de Luxe (Stella, 99)

Magic Colors (99)

Mahjong Mania - Kairakukan he Youkoso (Sphinx/Just&Just, 99)

Ichi Ban Jyan (Excel, 9?)

Wheels & Fire (TCH, 9?)

3 Super 8 (9?)

The Big Game (Barcrest, 9?)

Special Effects (Maygay, 9?)

Reel Good Time (Global, 9?)
Treasure Hunt (Global, 9?)

Table Tennis Champions (Gamart, 9?)
Was previously called "Peno Cup" in MAME before correct name was determined.
corrupt ROM data.

Vegas Poker (BwB [proto], 9?)
Magic Card (Impera, 9?)

Puck People (Microhard, 9?)
Funny Strip (Microhard/Magic Games, 9?)

Driver pictures from MAWS

Unemulated protection?

Paint & Puzzle (Century?, 9?)
Work on this is being continued by a different dev.

Mongolfier New (bootleg, 9?)
Soccer New (bootleg, 9?)

Dream Crown (unknown, 9?)

Strike it Lucky (Barcrest, 9?)
Ten Quid Grid (Barcrest, 9?)
Eyes Down (Barcrest, 9?)

Blox (BwB, 9?)
Prize Space Invaders (BwB, 9?)

Joker Master (unknown, 9?)
Incomplete and encrypted.

Royal Gum (unknown, 9?)

Joker's Wild (Sigma, 9?)

Multipede (Infrogrames/Cosmodog, 9?)

Il Pagliaccio (9?)

Olympic Hot Stuff (Olympic Video Gaming, 9?)

Cow Race (Unknown, 19??)

Magic the Gathering: Armageddon (Acclaim, 19??)

Intersecti (19??)

Beach Head 2000 (Global VR, 2000)
Hyper V2 (Global VR, 2001)
Beach Head 2002 (Global VR, 2002)
Beach Head 2003 Desert War (Global VR, 2003)
Need For Speed: Underground (Global VR, 2005)

Fun Station Spielekoffer 9 Spiele (ADP, 2000)

Multi Game I (Amatic Trading GmbH, 2000)
Multi Game III (Amatic Trading GmbH, 2000)

Coinmaster Keno (Coinmaster-Gaming Ltd, 2000)
Colorama (Coinmaster-Gaming Ltd, 2001)

Puzzlet (Yunizu Corp, 2000)

Come On Baby (ExPotato, 2000)

Project Justice (Capcom, 2000)
In MAME under the name Moero Justice Gakuen/Project Justice.

Gunpey (Banpresto, 2000)
Why it's not emulated:
Complex video chip, supports compressed graphics formats etc. Skeleton driver, work has been done, but no good progress made.

Boon-Ga Boon-Ga (Taff System, 2000)

In MAME as Boon-Ga Boon-Ga (Spank 'Em!), however there may be a non-English version without the "spank 'em" wording.

X222 (Oriental Soft, 2000?)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Bash (Oriental Soft, 2000?)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
From an AOU Show 2000 report about Asian games outside of Japan. X2222 is a vertical shooter. There are three fighters, three level power-ups, two weapons and bombers. It seems to be similar to Psikyo's Striker series rather than G-Stream.
Bash is a fighting game. There are ten characters, four buttons and several unique systems. I hear that X2222 has been imported to Japan in 2001 but no info on Bash.

Capitan Uncino (Nazionale Elettronica, 2000)
Capitani Coraggiosi (Nazionale Elettronica, 2001)
Europa 2002 (Nazionale Elettronica, 2001)
La Perla Nera Gold (Nazionale Elettronica, 2001)
La Perla Nera Gold (Nazionale Elettronica, 2002)

Golden Tee Fore! 2002 (Incredible Technologies, 2001)
Golden Tee Fore! 2004 (Incredible Technologies, 2003)
Golden Tee Fore! 2005 (Incredible Technologies, 2004)
Carnival King (Incredible Technologies, 2002)

Donggul Donggul Haerong (Danbi, 2001)
Korean Wonder Boy clone featuring the obscure (but favorite of mine) Japanese character Hero Hero Kun.

Tetris Fighters (Sego, 2001)

Bloody Roar 3 (bootleg, 2001)

Magic Lotto Export (Impera, 2001)

Super Cherry Master (Dyna, 2001)
Incomplete set.

Pirati (Cin, 2001)

Cherry Bonus 2001 (Dyna, 2001)
Driver pictures from MAWS

Magic Drink (2001)

Laser 2001 (2001)

Sports Match / 명랑운동회 [Myeongnang Undonghoe] (Andamiro, 2001)

Pictures taken from Hardcore Gaming 101.

Office Yeo ln Cheon Ha (Danbi, 2001)

Bingo Roll / Bell Star (unknown, 2002)

Star Trek: Voyager (Team Play/Game Refuge/Monaco Entertainment, 2002)

Special Forces Elite Training (ICE/Play Mechanix, 2002)

Queen? (STG?, 2002?)

Cutey Fatty (Wecom, 2002?)

You are a girl who weighs 100kg but wants to lose weight, so you go around town with your dog shooting junk food and eating vegetables. It was made in Korea.

A NAME="GameCristal"> GameCristal (Cristaltec, 2002)

Hot Slots (Impera, 2002)

Chameleon 24 (Amusement Game, 2002)
A bootleg multicart of NES games made for an arcade cabinet.

Tower & Shaft (Aruze, 2003)

Kono Tako (Mitchell, 2003)

Gamshara (Mitchell [Namco System 10 Hardware], 2003)

Pictures taken from System16.com.
Video of game is also on YouTube.

Top Blade V (SonoKong/Expotato, 2003)

Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A.E.U.G. vs Titans (Capcom/Banpresto, 2003)
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A.E.U.G. vs Titans DX (Capcom/Banpresto, 2004)
Gundam Seed: Federation vs. Z.A.F.T. (Capcom/Banpresto, 2005)

The Rumble Fish 2 (Sammy/Dimps, 2004)

Stone Age (Astro Corp, 2004?)

Mahjong Momotarou (Techno-Top, 2004)

Giga Wing Generations (Takumi, 2004)

48-in-1 MAME bootleg (2004)

Shooting Star (Nova, 2004)

Chase 1929 (Sammy [prototype], 2004)

Pictures from flyer.

Johnny Nero Action Hero (ICE/Play Mechanix, 2004)

P's Attack (Uniana, 2004)

Homura (SKonec Entertainment, 2005)

Raiden III (Seibu Kaihatsu/Moss, 2005)

Animal Basket (Sammy/Moss, 2005)

Super Dragon Ball Z (Banpresto/Spike, 2005)

Alien: The Arcade Medal Edition (Capcom, 2005)

Win Win Bingo (Astro Corp, 2005?)
Zoo (Astro Corp, 2005?)

Shikigami no Shiro III (Alfa System/SKonec Entertainment, 2006)

Arcana Heart Full (Exama, 2006)

The Battle of Yu Yu Hakusho: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai! (Banpresto, 2006)

Raiden IV (Seibu Kaihatsu/Moss Ltd, 2007)

Shooting Love 2007 (Triangle Service, 2007)

Fate: Unlimited Codes (Capcom, 2008)

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match (SNK, 2008)

Samurai Spirits Sen (SNK Playmore, 2008)

Trouble Witches AC (Adventure Playing Service/Sdutio SiestA, 2008)

Illvelo (Illmatic Envelope) (Milestone, 2008)

Melty Blood Actress Again (Type-Moon/Ecole, 2008)

Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse (Subtle Style, 2008)

Gundam vs. Gundam (Capcom/Bandai, 2008)

Goketsuji Ichizoku: Matsuri Senzo Kuyou (Atlus, 2009)

The Drink (200?)

Bowling Try (Atlus, 200?)

Elvis (200?)

Super Space 2001 (200?)

Millennium Sun (200?)

Carta Magica (200?)

Mystery Number (MM/BRL, 200?)

Euro Jolly X5 (Solar Games, 200?)

Grand Prix (4fun, 200?)

Triple Star 2000 (A.M., 200?)

Super Jolly (200?)

X Five Jokers (Electronic Projects, 200?)

Magic Number (Unknown (Italian gambling game) 200?)

Hide & Seek (Unknown 200?)

Magic Class (Unknown, 200?)

Abacus (Unknown, 200?)

Euro Pass (Unknown, 200?)

Book Theatre (Unknown, 200?)

Pot O' Gold (US Games Inc, 200?)

Happy Hunter (Limenko, 20??)

Pictures from Korean arcade listing.
Light gun prize redemption game.
Techno X (Limenko, 20??)
Dance Dance Revolution type game.

Strip Teaser (Unknown Italian)

Tourvision PC Engine bootlegs (Tourvision, 89-91)

Nintendo Super System (Nintendo, 91)
This system was like the Playchoice-10, allowing you to buy time to play Super Nintendo games. Never saw the point of these systems, myself... Anyway, the menu system isn't working at all in MAME so the games are listed as non-working.

Super Famicom Box (Nintendo, 94)

SU2000 (Virtuality, 94)
Most people remember this as the time-based multiplayer head mounted VR system at the mall in the early 90's. 1000 and 3000 systems also exist, though it's not completely clear which games are for which systems. These are the 2000 system games I know of, which right now is listed as "SU2000" in MAME.

Galum Pa! [prototype] (9?, CPS-2 hardware)

Neo-Geo prototype cartridges

In addition, the SP-4J version of the NeoGeo MVS BIOS, used on MV-1B, flat package mask ROM is a Most Wanted ROM.

Hyper Neo-Geo 64 From WHATSNEW.TXT
Very preliminary driver, loads and decodes the gfx, attempts to run some of the code. No video or sound emulation is done. For now the GFX can be viewed with F4.

Mistranslations from Japanese
From messages by Stiletto, Gridle, and Justin:

Rhinoceros Bar Command (Cyber Commando)
Rhinoceros Berth Lead-Lead (Cyber Sled)

Oh those are just rich. The explanation is obvious if you know any Japanese:
First of all, keep in mind that written Japanese doesn't have any spaces or breaks between words. Figuring out where words begin and end is generally obvious for a human reader but it's very hard to write a computer program to do so accurately. The titles for these two games would be written in Japanese as follows:


The correct way to break them up into words is like so:

saibaa kommando
saibaa sureddo

Those are just the English phrases "cyber commando" and "cyber sled" written out phonetically using the Japanese syllabary.
Now, whatever machine translator these were put through decided to break them up like this, probably because it didn't recognize the word "cyber":

sai baa kommando
sai baasu reddo

As it happens, "sai" is the Japanese word for "rhinoceros". "baa" is how you'd phonetically write the English word "bar" in the Japanese syllabary, "baasu" is how you'd write "berth" (seriously!), and "reddo" is how you'd write "lead" (or "led", or "red").
With regards to "command" vs. "commando", Japanese uses a syllable-based writing system, and Japanese syllables can't end with consonants (except for n/m/ng), so if you want to represent an English syllable ending with a consonant, you have to stick an extra vowel on the end. The extra vowel is usually "u", but following t and d it's "o" because the Japanese characters for "tu" and "du" have come to be pronounced "tsu" and "zu". As a result, the words "command" and "commando" come out identical when transcribed.
As to why the translator produced "lead-lead" instead of "lead", I have absolutely no idea.

Don Bear Near (Dunk Mania)

Seeing Stiletto mention the Rhinoceros Berth Lead-Lead story again made me notice this title in the list of System 11 games - it's the same machine-translation problem again, this time with Dunk Mania:

danku mania (Dunk Mania)
dan kuma nia (Don Bear Near)
(kuma is Japanese for "bear")

Over Kuhn (Oh! Bakyuun)

One more: "oo bakyuun" vs "ooba kyuun".

Underground King (Angler King [Namco System 23])

From System 16: Mistranslation of Angler King, "angler" in katakana is "angura", and "angura" is an abbreviation for "andaguraundo" which is "underground", thanks to Justin Kerk.