other unMAMEd Arcade Games up to 1990

Space Battle (U.S. Billiards, 77)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Not the same as the "Space War" bootleg or the Hoei game.

Pyramid (Sankyo, 78)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Computer R-3 (Universal, 78)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Flyer describes game as "fencing in" your opponent's pieces.

OOPS (Vectorbeam [prototype, vector], 78)
Scramble (Vectorbeam [prototype, vector], 78)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Blasto (Cocktail/Standaround) (Gremlin, 78)
Info from GregAC5A:
According to the Blasto manual and an advertising flyer which can be read on TAFA: "Gameplay and scoring is different between upright cab version of Blasto (emulated) and the cocktail table or the stand around table of Blasto. The cocktail table and stand around table versions of Blasto behave the same."

(GT) Block Challenger (Sun Electronics, 78)
(GT) Block Perfect (Sun Electronics, 78)
Galaxy Force (Sun Electronics, 79)
Not the same as the Sega game.
Runaway (Sun Electronics, 79)
Not the same as the Atari prototype.

Limbo (Universal, 78)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Star Rub (Universal, 78)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Bears a strong resemblance to Clean Sweep.

UFO No. 1 (Turtle, 78)
A "Breakout" style game where the ball is a UFO.
Spacian (Turtle, 79?)

Picture taken from Japanese page.
Info from MAC:
PCB is TAITO's Space Invader or Space Invader II, but game is galaxian, original program.
This is a movie, may be Spacian, but instruction card title is "Alien Attack"... maybe a bootleg of Spacian?:
Super UFO (Turtle, 79?)
Sequel to "UFO No. 1".

Computer Othello (Nintendo, 78)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is an early (first?) Nintendo arcade game. The distinguishing thing about it is that the pieces are "Square" and "Plus" instead of white/black. You move the cursor by vertical and horizontal buttons (not stick!), then set the piece with another button. You can also skip your turn with a pass button. When you want to give up, press the Hantei (Judgment) button and the game finishes. The timer is displayed on a separate set of LEDs.
Block Fever (Nintendo, 78)
Similar to Breakout.
Monkey Magic (Nintendo, 79)

Picture from flyer.
Ball and paddle type game where the top area of the screen is a monkey head!
Sheriff 2 (Nintendo, 79)

Captain Stuntman (Japan Bally Electronics, 79)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
The Southern Cross (Japan Bally Electronics, 79)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Dracula Hunter (Technon Kogyo, 79)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.

Tilt Invaders (NPS Product Japan, 79)

Image courtesy of Alexis B.

Black Beetles (TDS (Tokyo Denshi Sekkei)& MINTS, 80)

Pictures from YouTube video.

Tomahawk Missile (Electro Sport, 80)
This is the licensed version of Data East's "Tomahawk 777" which is in MAME.

与作 [Yosaku] (SNK, 79)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Could possibly be dumped, but the ROMset is uncertain.

Battle Star (Centuri (Sega/Gremlin?) [ever finished/released?], 79)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Flyer shows conversion from Space Fury to Battle Star.
Info from Randy Hoffman:
It's supposedly a G80 vector game. Not sure if it would have been a Sega version of the Centuri game, or a different animal entirely. A marquee has been found, but no boards. People should be careful though -- all "Space Fury" boards are marked "Battle Star," so before buying a "Battle Star" romset, they should make sure the ROM numbers differ from those of "Space Fury."
Space Bug (Centuri, 79)

Shuttle Invader Part II (Omori, 79)
Sky Way (Omori, 80)
Super Space Guerilla (Omori, 80)

Get A Way (Universal, 80)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Mr. Gun Man (Universal, 80)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Taskete (Karateco, 80)
A clone or bootleg of "Speak & Rescue" which is in MAME. Incidentally, "tasukete" means "please help" in Japanese.

Tora Tora (GamePlan, 80)

Pictures taken from the MAME WIP page.

Ron 2-nin Mahjong (Sanritsu, 80)
Ron 2-nin Mahjong 2 (Sanritsu, 80)

Final Ranger (Hoei, 80)

Pictures taken from Emulation Status
Space Battle (Hoei, 80)

Pictures taken from Emulation Status
Not the same as the "Space War" bootleg or the US Billiards game.

Red Tank (Sigma, 80)
The original "Red Tank" is needed, the Venture Line licensed update "R2D Tank" is already dumped. The flyer for Red Tank can be found at Arcade Flyer Archive.

Cosmopolis (Sun Electronics, 80)
Not the same as the Tairo America prototype.
Route 16 (Sun Electronics, 81)
Only the original Sun version is a Most Wanted ROM, the Centuri and bootleg versions are supported in MAME.

Super Golf (Logitec, 81)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
Super Golf was released in autumn 1981, while the Deco Cassette smash hit Pro Golf came out in August. So, we don't hear much about Super Golf. It also doesn't help that it was such a rare release.

Crazy Otto (General Computing [prototype], 81)

Picture taken from Time article.
This is more commonly known as "Pac-Man With Legs", from the picture which appeared in a Time Magazine article about Pac Man fever spreading around the US. Anyway, GCC, known for making Food Fight and Quantum for Atari as a settlement for producing a Missile Command hack had also made this hack of Pac-Man. After settling with Midway, the game was converted into the famous Ms. Pac-Man.
More info...
According to an interview (the 7800 one), the creators said that three Crazy Otto machines were tested in Boston and Chicago. It's unknown where they are presently, though. Thanks to Ken Aromdee for the link.

Titan (81)

Pictures taken from YouTube video.
Similar gamae to Piranha, on Pac-Man hardware.

Monza GP (Olympia, 81)

Tripple Draw (Status Games, 81)

Jump Bug (Alpha Denshi, 81)
The original Alpha Denshi version of Jump Bug is a Most Wanted ROM, though the Rock-Ola version is supported in MAME.

Laser Base / Future Flash (Amstar/Hoei, 81)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Unemulated protection.

Outpost (Cinematronics [prototype, vector], 81?)
This was the prototype for Boxing Bugs.

Congorilla (Orca, 81)
This is a bootleg of Falcon's "Crazy Kong". It's such a bootleg, in fact, that the ROMs to the game are exact duplicates of Crazy Kong's - they are no longer needed.

Space Warp (Century, 81?)

Starspinner (ACE, 82?)

Southern Systems Joker Poker (Southern Systems & Assembly, 82)

Ten Spot (Thomas Automatics Inc., 82)
A collection of ten bootleg games on Galaxian hardware. Though listed as "not working" in MAME, it appears to only affect graphics in "Batman Part 2". Survivor is also limited to freeplay. Many of the games (such as Omega, which is a knock-off of The End) are in MAME separately. It's possible some of the other games also saw unique bootleg releases.

Survivor (Thomas Automatics Inc., 82?)

Survivor as it appears in Ten Spot.
Along with Ten Spot, Survivor is specifically mentioned on TAI's flyer for Triple Punch, which suggests it was individually released.

Crazy (Kong) Jr. (Falcon, 82)
This was Falcon's bootleg of Donkey Kong Jr. Pictures of the marquee all say "Crazy Junior" as opposed to Crazy Kong Jr. There is a good chance that this is actually Falcon's Crazy King Jr. bootleg which is in MAME.

El Fin Del Tiempo (Niemer SA, 82?)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Some of the following info from a suposed co-designer:
I'm in the designer team.
The arcade machine is original by NIEMER.
The game idea was by Enrique Zarco and Jose Maria Arribas, owners of Niemer. The second guy was the main owner.
Hardware and software was designed by DIP S.A.
Emulator neighter ROMS exists.
Es mas estuve en el equipo de diseño
La maquina es original de NIEMER.
El juego fue pensado principalmente por Enrique Zarco y Jose Maria Arribas, dueños de Niemer. Principalmente este ultimo.
El diseño del sofware y el hardware fue hecho por DIP S.A.
No existe ningun emulador ni ROMS de el.

Catapult (Epos, 82)
Catapult doesn't work at all in MAME 0.62.

Space Pioneer (Rock-Ola, 82)
This is the same as Pioneer Balooon but with space-themed graphics. The existing dump is bad.

Pro Billiard (SNK, 82)
According to MAME's JACK.C source, Pro Billiard is a SNK Japanese license of Noma's Tri-Pool, which is in MAME.

Battle Back (Alstate Group [ever finished/released?], 82)
Flyer exists but doesn't have any pictures or description of the game, other than that it took the shape of two back-to-back cabinets, with a screen for each player.

Donkey Kong speed-up kit #2 (Nintendo, 82)
The official speed-up kit #2 for "Donkey Kong", part number TKG-23-70 is a Most Wanted ROM.

Journey (Stern, 82?)

A short movie of the game (source of above snapshots) is at the Starcade Page. It's not the same as the Midway game with the rock band, and appears to be a similar game to Time Pilot.
Conquest (Tago, 82)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Info from Shoegazer:
There’s reason to believe Stern’s Journey was actually a prototype only given to Starcade... the name later being changed to “Conquest” and licensed to Tago Electronics to avoid conflicts with Midway’s Journey which would have been released to market at about that time.

M075 Poker (Greyhound Electronics, 82)

Slalom (Orca, 82)

The Shogun (Omori, 82)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Sky Parking (Omori, 82)
Flyer exists with a picture of the cabinets but not the game itself. It describes game the game as operating a lift with a lever to fit cars into parking spots. Just like the title suggests!
The 野球拳 [The Yakyuken] (Omori, 82)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Dodge Man (Omori, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive and Arcade History.

Barracuda (Coinex, 82)

Monster Zero (Nihon Game, 82)
From Pierpaolo Prazzoli:
Monster Zero (Nihon Game 1982) has a weird protection which seems to test some values from program code, but it also seems to provide extra code to extra ram which will probably need a trojan to extract it.

Conquer (82)

Armada (Olympia, 82?)
If the description at Italian Coin-op Videogames Zone is correct, this could be a licensed version of Sea Battle, in MAME.
Info from Italian Coin-op Videogames Zone:
We have seen this game only once, for a few minutes, and we have a vague memory. There were ships parading horizontally to hit.
From some screens preliminary of Sea Battle (Zaccaria) you notice a resemblance. If so, it could be a Armada its licensed version or the original version, and in this case the release date of Armada [probably] should be moved ahead, since Sea Battle was out in 1980.
Vega (Olympia, 82)
Though it's marked as "working" in MAME, Vega doesn't appear to be working (was it ever?)
Info from MameC:
Vega is dumped and Dox has a PCB (see the 2012-01-02 entry). (See also YouTube video)

Witch Way (Shine Electronics, 82)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Mrs. Dynamite (Universal, 82)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive.

Go! Go! Coaster (Universal, 83)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Prototype (or just Japanese?) version of Mr. Do's Wild Ride. Thanks to Keith E for bringing it to my attention.

Witches Way (ATW (Arctic) [ever finished/released?], 83)
Possibly the same game as "Witch Way"?

Desert Race (Moppet Video, 83)

Picture taken from Emulation Status.

Berenstain Bears in Big Paw's Cave (Moppet Video/Enter-Tech, 84)
Playable but with completely wrong colors.

Change Leon(?) (Sanritsu, 82)
The title is uncertain but it's not "Chameleon".
Red Selector (Sanritsu, 82)
Triple Punch (Sanritsu, 82)
The Sanritsu version of Triple Punch is a Most Wanted ROM, the KKI version is supported in MAME.
Jantotsu Super (Sanritsu, 83)
Quiz Jump (Sanritsu, 83)
Roppyakuken (Sanritsu, 83)

Friday (UPL, 83)

Picture taken from Mameworld message board post by wolf676.

AIM (Ever Denshi, 83)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
Conversion kit for Mr.Do. You absorb attacks for a given length of time. Your energy decreases when you fire and the game is over at 0. You recover energy by destroying enemies.

Jong II (Dynax, 83)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.

Merit Poker (Merit, 83)

Draw 80 Poker (IGT, 83)

Computer Quiz Atama no Taisou (Yachiyho Denki / Uzi Enterprise, 83)

Hi-Lo Double Up Joker Poker (SMS Manufacturing Corp., 83)

PMA Poker (PMA, 83)

ACW (SNK, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
This Japanese version is a Most Wanted ROM, the other version "Marvin's Maze" is supported in MAME.
Tangram Q (SNK, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Hovercraft (Cinematronics [never released, vector], 83)
68K-based vector game, the software might still exist.

Donkey Kong Jr. E kit (Nintendo, 83)
The official kits for "Donkey Kong Jr.", DJR1-P (harder version) is in MAME but kit DJR1-E (easier version) is not.

Safari (Zaccaria, 83)
This is a clone/bootleg of Olympia's "Portraits".

Great Guns (Stern, 83)

Pictures from MAME WIP page.

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Graphics leave trails.

Burble (Falcon, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Holey Moley (Tai, 83)

Picture courtesy of Deb.
In MAME as "Mole Attack" by Yachiyo.

Super Crush (Orca, 83)

Clone (Rock-Ola [ever finished/released?, vector])
Rocket Racer (Rock-Ola [ever finished/released?, vector], 83)
Flyer exists, but the only description is "Maneuver your own Rocket Racer thru the challenging space corridor".

Mazer Blazer (Stern, 83)

Pictures from the MAME WIP page.
The existing dump is missing the sound and color PROMs. A short movie of Mazer Blazer is at the Starcade homepage.

Anno Domini 2084 (Midcoin [prototype?], 83)
Info from GregAC5A/Kold666/Vernimark:
Apparently AD 2083 is a preproduction or prototype board, and Anno Domini 2084 (AD 2084) is the final revision. Both boards are originals marked Midcoin.

GTI Poker (GTI Inc, 83)

Mini Boy 7 (Bonanza Enterprises Ltd, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Fast Draw (Stern, 83)
Poker game conversion kit (horizontal monitor), shown on same flyer as Super Draw (vertical monitor) which is in MAME.

Draw Poker HI-LO (M.Kramer Manufacturing, 83)
Poker / Black Jack (M.Kramer Manufacturing, 8?)

Altair II (Cidelsa)
Similar to Destroyer, but you can move your ship up and down also.

Vampire (Entertainment Enterprise Ltd / Brass International, 83?)

Picture taken from slither-gdi.net.
It appears from the flyer that "Brass International" programmed the game in Japan, and Entertainment Enterprise released it overseas.
Description from 1983 Video Games Magazine review:
The player controls a vampire who stalks the streets of a European village in search of women. You've got to bite six of them before sunrise, while avoiding "holy men" (priests), nuns, and holy water fountains. Coming into contact with anything sacred will result in the vampire dying and turning into a skeleton. For some real fun, he can touch his coffin and turn into a bat for some faster travel. Either way, our hero must avoid wooden stakes and can kill the holy men for 600 points apiece. Meanwhile blondes are worth 300 points, while redheads are worth only 200. (One supposes that not only do blondes have more fun, but they're also harder to catch).
There are four different screens with the first being the European village. The second one takes place in a graveyard with some very confusing stairways, while the third features the vampire's castle, which resembles a church (especially since his prey is a bride dressed in white). And the final screen is a bonus round where you have to use the joystick to plant the kiss of death on the neck of a woman for 2,000 points.
The control consists of a joystick and a shadow button which, when pushed, gives the fiendish bloodsucker the ability to disappear from sight, and leave an apparition behind to confuse approaching enemies.
(The above page also has a picture of the cabinet and the PCB, though the source of the PCB picture is unknown)
Counter Attack (Brass International, 83?)
Strange story on this one. MAMEC did some detective work after seeing the Japanese company "Brass International" on Vampire's flyer. They applied for two game name trademarks as can be see on a search on Brass International. One was "Vampire", the other was "Counter Attack". This of course doesn't mean that work was ever completed on this game, but it's a possibility.

Space Hunter (Taiyo, 83)

Lucky Girl? (Wing, 84?)

Little Casino 2 (Digital Controls, 84)

Devastator (Williams [prototype], 83?)

Pictures taken from Williams promotional video.
3D, 68k-based game. According to the very generic flyer, it's a space flight simulator with flight and thrust sticks, laser trigger, and torpedo launch buttons.

Predators (Williams [prototype], 84)
Info taken from Predators page
This game was made to link four cabinets together in what was called the "Quadraplay System". Each cabinet was named after a bird of prey -- Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, and Condor. Predators has been found in a cabinet similar to Williams' Blaster, and in a dual-screen Nintendo VS cabinet. The screen was color vector and had a vertical orientation. Apparently the game had "a space theme and your ship was just a circle with a turret on top" and you view a radar and use thrust, fire, and anti-matter pod (bomb) to seek out and destroy the other players. See the Predators page for more information and pictures of the cabinets.

Space X (Nintendo [ever finished/released?], 84)
3D hardware (!), resembled a 3D version of "Radarscope"

Arcade Super-Reflex (Zaccaria, 8?)

Revenger (Epos Corp, 84)

Red Corsair (Nakasawa, 84)

Revenger '84 (Magic Electronics [ever finished/released?], 84)
"Defender" clone? Flyer exists with no real information about the game.

TX-1 V8 (Tatsumi, 84)

Picture scans of the flyer.
Only released in Japan, this update of TX-1 features a different track selection.

Bouncer (Entertainment Sciences [prototype], 84)

Picture scans found on the web!
Video link at YouTube.
From Chris at Turbo Sub:
Bouncer was completed and was tested at two arcades in Southern California, and was also shown at the New Orleans AMOA show in 1983. At one point in time there were approximately 20 Bouncer machines that were completed. While it tested well, it was shelved due to cost and until a follow-up game could be completed. A second game, Turbo Sub was released, and Bouncer was to be sold as a kit. Unfortunately, a bitter legal battle ensued between Entertainment Sciences and the company they contracted to build the games. After the contract company lost the legal battle, they disappeared with most of the assets of Entertainment Sciences. The few remaining assets (a few completed Turbo Sub machines, and many uncompleted were relocated to a warehouse in Baton Rouge where they were discovered many years later.
In 2004, the owner of the contract company was located, and I was informed that the items that disappeared were destroyed in the 1990's. The items included prototypes, completed PCB's, PCB films, disks, etc. They have been sitting in a landfill in Southern California for at least 10 years now.
Of the 20 machines that were initially built, at least 3 are known to have escaped destruction. I've been searching for these machines for the past 7 years, and in the process I have contacted virtually every employee of Entertainment Sciences. Unfortunately no former employees has any Bouncer rom images.
Info from Arnold:
I was surprised to see this game listed. This game was much hyped by Gamepro in 1983/84 (while in development) as a start-up game with breakout graphics/gameplay from the cartoon company Hanna-Barbera! I never saw it in the arcades here in the LA area, though.
Small bit of info sent to me:
August 22, 2004 update at Giant List of Video Game Programmers
Rob Patton was at Cinematronics at the same time as Tim Skelly and Scott Boden and wrote Barrier (1979) and War of the Worlds (1981). But what's most interesting is that he was responsible for Entertainment Sciences' Bouncer a few years later. Never officially released, Bouncer generated buzz in 1984 for featuring much more extensive character animation than was the norm and for real-time scaling of sprites. Here's Rob:
The field tests on Bouncer did really well, and it was the best animated game of that era. I hired an ex-Disney/HannaBarbera animator to lead that part, and we may have been one of the first companies to optically capture the animation using our own capture and anti-alias fill tools.
The reason it didnt get manufactured was the company was on limited funding and had difficulty raising several millions for a manufacturing run. Atari (Bushnell and others) flew down for licensing meetings but ended up studying the game and incorporating similar ideas in their next round of products.
Bouncer was the first of many planned games that were interchangeable on the same hardware & cabinets.
Interestingly, after Bushnell saw what we were up to, he soon left Atari and founded Sente and came out with his own line of interchangeable games called the Sente System. At that time I was then with Sega and actually had a couple business meeting with Nolan regarding Sega partnering with him on games for Sente & Sega.
Info from Randy Hoffman:
New info indicates that "Bouncer" was never released, but prototypes were in the process of being made when Entertainment Sciences went under. However, none of the boards that have been found have been populated with ROMs, and it's unknown whether any ROM chips were actually burned with the game software.
Info from Christian:
I don't know if this helps at all, but I clearly remember playing Bouncer in a large arcade adjacent to Golden West college in Huntington Beach, CA, when I was nine years old. The experience was very vivid -- the game was hysterical -- my little sister laughed out loud as I played it. Even she remembers the game to this day, and she was seven years old.
You play a bar's bouncer who goes around roughing up 'unwanted' bar patrons, then throwing them out the door or the window. Sometimes you'd actually crush a guy into a ball, then dribble them around the bar like a basketball until you tossed them out. (The game image on your website shows this). The game had very advanced voice clips and sound clips for the time -- drunks would enter the bar singing "How dry I am...", other beatnecks come in with similar catch phrases, window breaking sounds, ball-dribbling sounds -- this game had it all.
Control was a little awkward considering that you moved the bouncer around the bar with a trackball, not a joystick. I only remember a single action button, used to jostle/rough-up a guy, pick them up, then 'release' them near an exit where they'd go flying.
The game was only at this arcade for a few weeks. I was disappointed when I no longer saw it there. I looked for it for years at other arcades -- never saw it again. If it's true that it was only a prototype, then that arcade must have been a test site of some sort.

Jan Oh / Mahjong King (Toaplan/SNK, 84)

Driver pictures from MAWS

Jan Kyou / Mahjong Mania (Toaplan, 85)

Zarya Vostoka (Nova, 84)
This sequel to Intrepid is playable in MAME 0.62, but all the graphics are garbled and mixed up.

Aka Zukin (Sigma/Seibu, 84)

Image courtesy of Shimapong, Japanese blog (URL with Japanese characters didn't work, but Google redirect does) and other Japanese blog.
Aka zukin is Japanese for "Little Red Riding Hood".

Wiz knight version (Seibu Kaihatsu, 84)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
The main character is a knight instead of a wizard in this version. According to the caption, it's for export (i.e. a non-Japanese version).

Express Delivery (Cinematronics, 84)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

906III Video Poker (Casino Electronics, 85)

86 Lions (Aristocrat, 85)

Driver picture from MAWS

Spiel Bude (ADP, 85)

Slot Carnival (Wing, 85)

Trivia Challenge (Joyland, 85)
Missing question ROMs.

Lucky Lady (Wing, 85)

Trivia Madness (Thunderhead Inc, 85)

Kayak (Kyle Hodgetts [prototype], 85)
This was a "Frogger" conversion co-created with Tony Hana. There is also a prototype conversion for two "Qix" boards and dual monitors co-created with Tony Hana that resembled the C-64 game "Elite", but the name of this game is unknown.

The X (Graphic Techno, 85)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Boomerang (Sun, 85)

Picture scan courtesy of Deb!
This game is in MAME under the name Ikki. Boomerang is the English language version.

Symbols (Advanced Video Technology, 85)
Arrow Bingo (Advanced Video Technology, 85)
NFL (Advanced Video Technology, 89)

Zippy Bug (Coreland, 86)
Zippy Bug is supposed to be the name of the game in the US, and the name the pictures were listed under was GP Bug... Anyhow, this game is in MAME under the name Noboranka.

Jan-Shin (Dynax, 86)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.

DRHL Poker (Drews Inc., 86)

Criss Cross (JPM (Sweden), 86)

American Football (Universal [unreleased], 86)
Info from ShimaPong:
The same year as Indoor Soccer/American Soccer, Universal planned another sports game "American Football", but this game was unreleased too.

Mahjong Senka (Visco, 86)
Mahjong Yarou (Visco/Video System, 86)
Mahjong Shiyou (Visco, 86)

ZX-2000 (Electrocoin, 86)

Another name for Konami GT, which is in MAME.
Pictures taken from magazine scans.

Diamond Derby (Electrocoin, 86)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
This is a gambling game and will probably be removed once the driver is complete, it's just here while it is developed.

THX-DR122 (Game Arts, 86?)
From MAMEWorld Message Board:
Seeing how the word "arcade" is thrown all around the various paragraphs on back cover of the box, the wording on back of the box probably meant that the word "arcade" is probably more of a generic description regarding the game play... not "game used to be in arcades".
Yes. Especially in light of the next section, which says:
Thexder was created for second generation computers with 16-bit processors and advanced animation capabilities.
Info from Paco Aragorn:
THX-DR122 was called "Thexder" on domestic/computer conversions. The programming was by Synergistic Software Inc. though the producer was Game Arts Co. Ltd. Domestic ports were on the MSX, NES, Apple II, IBM PC, and maybe others. It's a lovely game that I played when I was a boy. I can't try to emulate it because I don't have the ROM set.

Speed Buggy (Tatsumi/Data East, 86)
In MAME as Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy (cockpit) or Buggy Boy Junior/Speed Buggy (upright).

Gray Out (Tatsumi, 87)

Flyer pictures taken from Emulation Status

Surfer (Action Video [ever finished/released?], 87)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Mayumi Chan Kiki Ippatsu (Sanritsu, 87)
The Sanritsu version is a Most Wanted ROM, the Victory version is supported in MAME.

Buster (Marian Electronics Ltd, 87)

Cherry Chance (87)

Revolution (Castle, 87)

Trail Blazer (Coinmaster, 87)
Super Nudger II (Coinmaster, 89)

Go Coo: The Incredible Challenge (Technos, 88)
Found in magazine scans, Go Coo is in MAME As China Gate.

Aaargh! (Mastertronic/Arcadia, 88)

Pictures taken from magazine scans.
Control a giant lizard or cyclops who destroys buildings a la Rampage.
Rockford (Mastertronic/Arcadia, 88)

Picture taken from magazine scans.
A version of Boulderdash.
Pool (Mastertronic/Arcadia, 89)

Air Raid (Seibu, 87)
Cross Shooter (Taito / JKH [bootleg], 87)

Pictures taken from the MAME WIP page.

Pictures taken from Tim's Arcade Page and Emulation Status.
Info from MameC:
Missing a dump of the graphics in a custom rom in SIP configuration. The Taito version has a 68705 that needs to be hooked up as well.

雀棒其の2 [Jongbou Sono 2] (SNK, 87)

Pictures taken from Undumped Wiki.

Music Ball (Tecfri / Desystem SA, 88)

Alpha One (Vision Electronics / Kyle Hodgetts, 88)

Joker's Wild (Sigma, 88)

Quiz Punch (Space Computer, 88)
Quiz Punch 2 (Space Computer, 89)

Dash Yarou (Toaplan, 88)
In MAME under the name Rally Bike/Dash Yarou.

Tatsujin (Toaplan, 88)
In MAME under the name Truxton/Tatsujin.

Last Apostle Puppet Show / Chinese Exorcist (Homedata, 88)

Picture courtesy of Rai.
These are other names for Reikai Doushi, which is in MAME. There has been a screenshot showing the title screen of "Chinese Exorcist", Rai supplied a screenshot of the "Last Apostle Puppet Show" version from his PCB.

Apache 3 (Tatsumi, 88)

Pictures taken from Tim's Arcade Page.
Round Up 5 (Tatsumi, 89)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Cycle Warriors (Tatsumi, 91)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Games are pretty much playable but the graphics need work to various degrees on each game.
Incredibly complex hardware! These are all different boards, but share a similar sprite chip (TZB215 on Apache 3, TZB315 on others). Other graphics (road, sky, bg/fg layers) all differ between games. Todo:
Sprite rotation
Finish road layer (Round Up 5)
Implement road layer (Apache 3, Cycle Warriors)
BG layer(s) (Cycle Warriors)
BG layer (Round Up 5) - May be driven by missing VRAM data
Round Up 5 always boots with a coin inserted
Round Up 5 doesn't survive a reset
Dip switches
Various other things..
Description from Duncan
Apache 3 is an After Burner-esque helicopter game. You shot at other helicopters and ground targets while rescuing hostages. The graphics make heavy use of scaling and rotation effects. The machine I played was very beat-up, but it appears to use a yoke similar to Atari's yoke (used on STUN Runner and Star Wars). Only one button worked so I'm not sure if you had any weapons besides the standard machine gun.

Mahjong Joshi Pro-wres -Give up 5 byou mae- (Homedata, 88)
Incidentally, "Pro-wres" is the Japanese abbreviation for Pro Wrestling, and "Give up 5 byou mae" means "Give up before 5 seconds".

RBI Baseball (Playchoice-10) (Nintendo/Atari [ever finished/released?], 89)
Shatterhand (Playchoice-10) (Nintendo/Jaleco, 91)

Adders and Ladders (Barcrest, 89)

Inquizitor (BFM, 89)

Super Pinball Action (prototype) (Tecmo, 89)

Kyuukyoku no Striker (East Technology, 89)
In MAME under the name Last Striker/Kyuukyoku no Striker.

Fire & Forget II (Titus, 89)

Dark Chamber (Rainbow Games [Pluto HW], 89?)

Pictures courtesy of Gian!
Monster Olympics (Rainbow Games [Pluto HW], 89?)
Info from Gian:
cpu 32bit (15mhz), 16 sound channel stereo, 260000 color, system Pluto-2
Info from March 1989 issue of Crash ZX Spectrum Magazine:
Rainbow Games, a sister company of Rainbow Arts, are currently working on a 32-bit Pluto motherboard. This allows up to 128 colours per scan line and playfield, chosen from a palette of 260,000. Screen resolution is programmable up to a maximum 640 x 480 pixels, and the graphic system includes hardware zoom and turning. Sound specifications are also impressive: 16 channel stereo. The first coin-op to utilise Pluto will be Dark Chamber, a magical shoot-'em-up, followed by Monster Olympics.

Fokker (ACG/Ultimate/Rare [Razz HW], 89?)
Info from March 1989 issue of Crash ZX Spectrum Magazine:
Razz hardware is based around a Z80 'lookalike' Hitachi CPU, running at 10 MHz one Megabyte of on-board memory. Sound is handled by a separate "Jazz" board utilizing stereo Yamaha sound chips. Names attached to this soccer game are Jon Ritman and Simon Hallam, who says he developed the OS as well as Fokker for this hardware. Some more less specific information about the Razz hardware is at Planet Sinclair March '88, the last article on the page.

Adventure (Wing, 8?)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
The Japanese text at the bottom of the title screen says "Wing", identifying the manufacturer. So the title of the game is simply "Adventure".

Honey Bear (Eastern Micro (ever finished/released?), 8?)
Twang (Eastern Micro (ever finished/released?), 8?)

Hyper Viper (Barcrest, 8?)

New Hi-Lo Poker (Song Won?, 8?)

Video Poker Poker (Recreativos Franco, 8?)

5-Aces Poker (Unknown, 8?)

NSM Poker (NSM, 8?)

Kimble Double HI-LO (Kimble Ireland, 8?)

Jubilee Double-Up Poker (Jubilee, 8?)

Magical Tonic (Tonic, 8?)

Monster Zero (Nihon, 8?)

Saloon (France, 8?)

Winning Streak (BFM, 8?)

Blankity Bank (PCP, 8?)

Bank Raid (JPM, 8?)

Lucky Arrows (JPM, 8?)

Solid Gold (JPM, 8?)

Fly Train (Cosmos)
A video of this Scramble clone can be found at YouTube.

Red Battleen (Fuji)

Instruction card from Moon Cresta Fan Page, thanks to MAC for pointing it out.
Clone of Moon Cresta - the instruction card is the only evidence of the game so far.

Escort (Williams [prototype])
Info from Zube Williams Escort is mentioned in this article.
and after a reply from Mr. Jarvis, I contacted one of the people who worked on it. He hasn't given me permission to give out his name yet, but he did provide the following description of the game:
The project only lasted about 4 months. The game was based upon a space theme (popular of the time). The object of the game was to guide a fleet of ships from various jump zones to a space station. The space station had a protective perimeter surrounding it (sort of like an electric fence). On the outside of the fence were plasma parasites that would drain the energy from the fence making the area vulnerable to attack.
The fence gave little protection to the space station and the traveling fleet. It was the job of the escort to ensure safe arrival of suplies and personal carriers to the space station. There were several other features being planned but this was the extent that the project had reached.

Caliber 40 (Midway?)
Two-player game in which each player was a motorcycle and you could get powerups like sidecars with weapons, etc. Could this actually be Thundercade? If anyone knows more about this game let me know...

Destruction (East Technology [ever finished/released?])

Eeek! (Shinkai/Magic Electronics)

Runs on modified Pac-Man hardware.

Pinky's Maze (?)
Runs on modified Pac-Man hardware, a flyer has been seen. Exact name, date, and manufacturer is unknown.

Dealer (Epos)
bad rom or bad decryption

Malzak (Kitronix)
Malzak II (Kitronix)
collisions don't work.

Pinball 421
Info from Randy:
A friend of the Project has won a copy of a game called "Pinball 421," so hopefully it will be dumped within the next couple of months.
This doesn't exist, the board was just 'Super Pinball Action'. The label probably just meant "board 421, pinball".

Cal Omega games (81-85)
These Cal Omega gambling games aren't working in MAME.

Nintendo VS System
Not dumped