unMAMEd Bally-Midway/Sente Games

For a more complete listing of games check out System 16.

Guided Missile (Midway, 77)
In MAME under the name Missile X/Guided Missile.

Top Gun (Midway [8080 B/W], 78)
Appears to be a mechanical shoot-out game. One target is a hologram, but there are probably no ROMs to this machine.

Catch 40 (Midway [prototype], 78)
Info from Arcade History:
The game [Kick / Kick Man] was actually first developed back in 1978 as a black and white game entitled 'Catch 40'. Midway never actually got around to releasing 'Catch 40', so they reworked it in color and released it as 'Kick'. Then they turned around a few months later and and re-released the game as 'Kick Man'.

Space Invaders Deluxe (cocktail) (Midway [8080 B/W])

Ms. Gorf (Midway [prototype])

Pictures thanks to Brian D!

Picture taken from Gamedev's pictures of 2001 Classic Gaming Expo.
Info from ranger_lennier:
Posted on 08/15/05
Jamie Fenton, the programmer of Gorf and Ms., gave me the lowdown on its whereabouts: "It's sitting in this box, on 8-inch floppies, just waiting for me to get it onto some sort of modern development system... development had to be halted due to the videogame crash."
Posted on 10/11/05
Taking some suggestions here, I contacted the Software Preservation Society. While they didn't have the equipment to read 8" disks, one of the members got in touch with ---, who runs a business specializing in data conversion and was willing to convert Jamie Fenton's arcade sources pro bono. And we got in touch with Jamie, who confirmed that she still wants to release them: "Next time I get down to the storage locker, I will retrieve all the old Bally floppy disks and we can proceed from there. I would love to put all of the sources I have on a CD-R and make it available to everyone. Some of it is in very obscure formats, such as FORTH and early Intel development systems."

Beezer (Midway/Tong, 83)
The Midway licensed version of Tong's Beezer is not dumped.

Ten Pin Deluxe (Midway, 83)

Earth Friend (Midway [prototype], 83)
A prototype color vector game designed at DNA, rework of B&W vector project called "Astro Friend". Also known as "Earth, Friend, Mission" According to Rotheblog, it was a rework of a prototype version of Tron.

Ant Raid (Midway [prototype], ~83)

Marquee taken from Arcade Heroes article.
Info from Game Refuge:
Hardware designer Atish Ghosh came up with the concept of two ant hills fighting over limited amounts of food in 1981, but it never got off the ground until animator Brian Colin adapted the ants into cartoon warriors who walked on two legs. A trackball moved a cursor around the City Dump and players sent worker ants, soldier ant and super soldiers out to retrieve spoiled foodstuffs for their queen.

Firefly (Midway [ever finished/released?], 83?)

Clone (Midway [MCR hardware, prototype])
Barzoids (Midway [MCR hardware, prototype])
Info from Chris at Turbo Sub:
These games were completed, but ended up in the “closet” at Midway. “CLONE” used the MCR hardware, and had a BW camera that captured pictures of players to use in the games. In test locations several players took pictures of various body parts instead, so R&D decided to shelf the project. The BW Camera was again later to capture the images for Journey. Another title was a game called “BARZOIDS” but not much is known, other than they completed it.

Destruction Derby (Midway [MCR hardware, prototype])
Confirmed to be a different game from "Demolition Derby".
Masters of the Universe (Midway [MCR hardware, prototype])
Star Trek (Midway [MCR hardware, prototype])
Info from Chris at Turbo Sub:
Four titles were completed at Sega and delivered to Midway. The first game was “TURBO TAG” (this rom image has surfaced with a Simon and Schuster copyright), the second game was “DESTRUCTION DERBY” (never released), the third game was “MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE” (based off the animated series, never released), and finally “STAR TREK” (Apparently they followed up the vector version with a raster version of the game). These games were also based on the MCR hardware (not sure if it was MCRIII or MCR 68K). Sounds like Midway may have not wanted to pay the licensing fees for Masters and Star Trek, or it was just bad timing in the industry.

Euro Stocker (Bally/Sente [SAC-I hardware], 84)
Trick Shot (Bally/Sente [SAC-I hardware], 84)
Team Hat Trick (Bally/Sente [SAC-I hardware] [prototype], 85)
Four player cocktail-style cabinet version of Hat Trick.
The SAC-I games should be easy to add to MAME as soon as ROMs can be found and dumped.

P'tooie Louie (Midway [prototype], ~86)

Marquee taken from Arcade Heroes article.
Info from Game Refuge:
The player is a fur-bikini-clad boomerang-throwing cavewoman riding atop a giant red watermelon-seed-spitting pterodactyl who would periodically launch into the air to do battle with oversized, often invisible (!) killer bees! 'Nuff said?

Midway's Pro Tour (Midway [prototype], ~86)
Info from Game Refuge:
This was a highly addictive, single-screen golf game that featured over a dozen adaptations of some of the world's best-known courses. This is one of those games that got hours and hours of fiercely competitive play here in the office, albeit, unfortunately, not out on the street.

Moonquake (Sente, 87)

Pictures taken from CA Extreme.

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
This prototype has shown up at CA Extreme a few times.

The Ugly Stick (Bally-Midway [prototype], ~91)
Info from Game Refuge:
This weird, cartoony, multiplayer game was sorta like Tag with a Two-By-Four played by a handful of annoying little Monsters.

RC˛ (Game Refuge [prototype], ~95)

Images taken from Arcade Heroes article.
Info from Game Refuge:
A wacky, cartoon-intensive four-player Radio Controlled Vehicle racing game in which Players raced through and disrupted dozens of densely-populated environments.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Wavenet (Midway)
A special version of the game that allowed network play over a broadband line specially installed at the arcade. There were also a few minor differences such as playable Noob Saibot. It never made it past playtesting in Chicago.

NBA Showtime (Midway, 98)
NBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000 (Midway, 99)
Cart Fury (Midway, 2000)

Game Magic (Bally Gaming Co, 99)
99 Bottles of Beer (Bally Gaming Co, 99)

Hydro Thunder (Midway Games, 99)
Offroad Thunder (Midway Games, 2000)

Cruisin' Exotica (Midway [Zeus HW], 99)
The Grid (Midway [Zeus HW], 2001)

Skins Game (Midway, 2000)

RIP Squad (Midway [prototype], 2001)
Info from Arcade Heroes:
The "last" arcade game being made by Midway before they stopped development of arcade games altogether, a WWII themed mounted gun game. More information and videos are on the above page, with videos available in different YouTube links:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Wild Pitch (Game Refuge [prototype], ~2004)
Info from Game Refuge:
An "Arch Rivals" approach to Baseball with a fun and original gameplay mechanic.