unMAMEd Laserdisc Games

Because these games used laserdiscs to play video footage, any attempt to emulate the original would completely lack the video without a large movie file - the machines rely on the frame number of the CAV laserdiscs to find the correct video to display, and there can be over 60000 frames (individual images that play to create the video, or pause for a still screen) on a LD. Any attempt at true emulation would have to take this into account. Digital Leisure has released Dragon's Lair 1, 2, Space Ace, and Hologram Time Traveler on DVD and DVD-ROM. For information on laserdisc games in general, visit the Dragon's Lair Project and Atari Headquarters arcade section. For those very motivated, you can connect certain model LD players (or download huge MPEG dumps of the video) to your computer and emulate some of these games using the Daphne emulator.

Dragon's Lair (Cinematronics, 83)

Pictures taken from MAME WIP page.

Astron Belt (Midway/Sega, 83)

Galaxy Ranger / Star Blazer (Midway/Sega, 83)

Laser Grand Prix (Taito, 83)

Space Ace (Cinematronics, 83)

Quarterhorse (Electro Sport, 83)

Bega's Battle (Data East, 83)

Star Rider (Williams, 83)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

Pitchman (Stern [prototype], 83)
Possibly only one copy in existence.

Albegas / Cybernaut (Sega/Bally/Midway [ever finished/released?], 83)
The disc is known (I actually bought it from a laserdisc rental store in Oakland California) but no board has been found.

GP World (Sega, 84)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

NFL Football (Midway, 84)
Actually this game used not a laserdisc but a CED videodisc. This format differs from LD in that the discs stay in plastic cases (like minidiscs but a lot bigger) and they don't play with a laser. The CED player physically contacts the disc like a phonograph record.

Road Runner (Atari [prototype], 84)

Snapshots from some CA Extreme YouTube videos.
This version of the game plays almost exactly like the version later released by Atari, but with a background streamed off the laserdisc, and animated cutscenes from the cartoon. More info can be found at Dragon's Lair Project.

Battlestar Galactica (Atari [prototype], 84)

Snapshots of the YouTube video.
YouTube video shows footage of this unfinished Firefox conversion "available this summer". The jumpy format of the video suggests that it was a playable demo, though. It also mentions new features of "increased flying", "more action", "visual realism", "and introducing... TURBO BOOST". Near the end is a frame of signatures. More information can be found at, of course, Dragon's Lair Project.

Casino Strip (Status, 84)

Thunder Storm FX (Data East, 84)
Japanese version of Cobra Command, in MAME. I'm not sure if the not-working Data East versions of Cobra Command are actually Thunder Storm, however without the Japanese laserdisc it's a moot point anyway.
Road Blaster FX (Data East, 85)
Road Avenger is the name of the version made for home systems such as the Sega CD. A version for the Pioneer LaserActive unit was also made called Road Prosecutor.

Max Mile (Konami [ever finished/released?], 84)

Ninja Hayate (Taito, 84)

Thayer's Quest (RDI Video Systems, 83)

Super Don Quixote (Universal, 84)

Badlands (Konami, 84)

Cosmos Circuit (Taito, 84)

Goal to Go (Stern, 83)

Gold Medal with Bruce Jenner (Stern [prototype], 84)
Supposedly only two copies in existence.

Esh's Aurunmilla (Funai/Gakken, 83)

Interstellar Laser Fantasy (Funai/Gakken, 83)

Atomic Castle (Stern/Sega/Bally/Midway, 83)
Possibly only one copy in existence.

Top Gear (Universal [prototype?], 84)

Pictures from flyer.

Flyer describes the racing game as having four courses: Present, Near Future, Future, and Space, with 2 minutes per course, however flyer for Top Gear 2 appears to describe it as only having the above two courses "City" and "Circuit". Outside of trade show pictures and flyers, I don't believe there is any other trace of this game to be found in the US at least.
Top Gear 2 (Universal [prototype?], 85)

Picture from flyer.

The flyer describes this as a "volume two" expansion pack of more courses for the Top Gear cabinet: "Space Course" and "Park Course". The flyer's picture of the cabinet also appears to have a working game showing the title screen.
Captain Zapp (Universal [prototype?], 85)

Pictures from flyer.

From the pictures, appears to be very similar to Super Don Quixote.

Time Gal (Taito, 85)

Space Battleship Yamato (Taito, 85)

Freedom Fighter (Malibu Grand Prix / Millennium Game Products, 87)

The Spectre Files (Midway [prototype, laserdisc], ~87)
Info from Game Refuge:
A film adaptation of an original interactive text adventure designed for an Arcade Laser disc game that was scrapped before the game's completion.

Galaxian≥: Project Dragoon (Namco, 90)

Galaxian≥ was a theatrical 6-player polygon game in the same vein as the one-player Starblade. You aim the crosshairs at the enemy and fire away... The background, though appearing to be computer generated like Starblade is actually played off a set of laserdiscs.
A Japanese version of Galaxian≥ exists for the Playstation... including the vertical black bar in the middle of the screen!
Attack of the Zolgear (Namco, 94)
Similar game to Galaxian≥ (theater setting) but you could choose your path at certain parts of the game. According to Styx Zolgear was a conversion kit for Galaxian≥, with a different romset and laserdiscs.

Mad Dog McCree (American Laser Games, 90)
Who Shot Johnny Rock? (American Laser Games, 91)
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (American Laser Games, 92)
Space Pirates (American Laser Games, 92)
Gallagher's Gallery (American Laser Games, 92)
Crime Patrol (American Laser Games, 93)
Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars (American Laser Games, 93)
The Last Bounty Hunter (American Laser Games, 94)
Fast Draw Showdown (American Laser Games, 95)

(Hologram) Time Traveler (Virtual Image Productions / Sega, 91)

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (Leland, 91)
The US version 3.16 of Dragon's Lair II is a Most Wanted ROM, if it exists.

Shootout at Old Tucson (American Laser Games, 93)

Marbella Vice (Picmatic SA, 94)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
Spanish game that uses light guns. YouTube also has a video of some of the footage.

Cops (Atari, 94)

Zorton Brothers (Los Justicieros) (Web Picmatic, 93)
Laserdisc needs to be dumped.

Tierras Salvajes (Picmatic SA, 95?)

Picture from Picmatic webpage.
Western lightgun game.

LD Mahjong #4 Shabon-Dama (Nichibutsu, 9?)

Platoon (Nova?, 9?)
Laserdisc needs to be dumped.