unMAMEd Kaneko Games

Boggy '83 (Kaneko, 83)
The original Boggy '84 from Kaneko has been found, which suggests that it may not have been called Boggy '83 after all...
Info from Randy Hoffman:
The situation with "Boggy '83/'84" is now much clearer. "Boggy '83" was the original version, developed for Taito by Kaneko. "Boggy '84" is a bootleg of this by "Eddie S Games" (that's what appears on the title screen), but the board is clearly original Kaneko. I speculate that when the original game didn't sell well, Kaneko got stuck with a bunch of the boards, and some enterprising person or persons decided to, um, "creatively dispose" of them.
I'm almost positive I did that writeup after seeing (somewhere) either a "Boggy '83" title screen or a Taito flyer or other document that mentions "Boggy '83". But it's been too long; I just don't remember the details any more.

Highway Jumper (Kaneko, 84)
This is another game Kaneko made for Taito.

Nexzr (Kaneko, 92)
According to Shoutime, this game doesn't exist. Does anyone have any more information?

Gals Panic 2 (Kaneko, 93)

Censored for your protection! Picture taken from Gals Panic 2 page (not censored!!!)

Info from MameC:
There is an MCU "PISCES" that is either a NEC uPD78322 (with 16K internal ROM) or NEC uPD78324 (with 32K internal ROM) that's used for protection. The MCU needs to decapped and have the ROM read out. This chip is a 16/8-Bit single-chip Microcontroller of the 78K/III series CPU and currently doesn't have a CPU core for MAME. There is partial simulation of the MCU but the game will not really be playable until the chip is decapped, decoded and a core written.
Info from Haze:
Gals Panic 2 is 2x68k, protection mcu handles the communication between the cpus so it doesn't work. Update:
The MCU needs decapping and dumping. Ogoun reported some limited success decapping an MCU of the same type from Brap Boys / Shogun Warriors a few months back, but thus far we haven't seen any imaging of said MCU, and don't have a CPU core for it, so no progress can be made at the moment. If the MCU on those is successfully decapped, imaged and emulated then the chances of the MCU on Gals Panic 2 being done increase greatly (as it appears to be the same type of chip, with different internal ROM)

Gals Panic 2 - Quiz Version (Kaneko, 93)

Gals Panic 2 - Special Edition (Kaneko, 94)

Bonk's Adventure (Kaneko, 94)
Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin (Kaneko, 94)
In MAME under the name B.C. Kid/Bonk's Adventure/Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin.

Gals Panic 3 (Kaneko, 96)
Info from MameC:
Uses the Kaneko "ToyBox" MCU for protection which is a NEC uPD78324 series MCU with 32K internal rom. Same basic issues as Gals Panic 2, but more efforts have been made to simulate the ToyBox because many Kaneko games use it.

Yuki Buta Man-P (Kaneko/Cave [Nova System, prototype], 97)

Pictures from flyer.
This game was exhibited at the '97 AOU Expo.