unMAMEd Jaleco Games

Bases Loaded (Jaleco, 87)
The English version of recently acquired "Moero Pro Yakyuu Homerun"?

Block Buster (Jaleco, 87 [unreleased])

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is the unreleased Japanese version of Bombs Away. It has a different font but the main game system is the same as Bombs Away. It was exhibited at AM Show '87 but you can only play the first stage in this show version.

Vs Great Tennis (Jaleco, 88 [unreleased?])

Image courtesy of ShimaPong.
Info from ShimaPong:
This game exhibited on Jaleco in '88 AOU Show. But no info after this show and perhaps unreleased.

Bombs Away (Jaleco, 88)

Counter Force (Jaleco [ever finished/released?], 89)

Alien Command (Jaleco, 90)
Parts of the hardware still unemulated.

Gun Baron (Jaleco [ever finished/released?], 91)
According to Undumped Wiki, this is the Japanese version of Wild Pilot, which is in MAME. It makes sense considering the theme of the game, however Wild Pilot does have a region dipswitch which includes Japan. I am conjecturing that Gun Baron was an early name for the game?

F1 Super Battle (Jaleco)

Pictures taken from the MAME WIP page.
Info from Brian Troha: Due to V60 inprovements and the work of Aaron and Charles it's in much better working condition.

Arm Champs (Jaleco, 88)

Picture taken at the arcade in the ugly tower in front of the big Kyoto station. Full size picture here.

Captain Flag (Jaleco, 93)
A redemption game.

Speed King: King of Quiz (Jaleco, 93)
Speed Champ: King of Quiz (Jaleco, 94)
These are almost definitely referring to "Hayaoshi Quiz: Ouza Ketteisen - The King of Quiz", in MAME. From what I gather "hayaoshi" refers to electronic speed buzzers, so these titles were likely just attempts at English versions of the title. I'm not aware of any actual releases under the titles "Speed King" or "Speed Champ". Thanks to Diet Go Go Fan for pointing this out.

Super Strong Warriors (Jaleco [MS32 hardware], 93)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive

F1 Grand Prix Star 2 Jr. (Jaleco, 94)

Wangan Sensou (Jaleco, 95)
In MAME under the name Desert War/Wangan Sensou.

World PK Soccer (Jaleco, 95)
World PK Soccer V2 (Jaleco, 96)

Super GT 24h (Jaleco [Sega Model 2B], 96)
Over Rev (Jaleco [Sega Model 2B], 97)

Nandemo Seal Iinkai (I'Max/Jaleco, 97)

Stepping Stage (Jaleco, 99)

Search for the Magical Error (Jaleco/Technosoft, 9?)