unMAMEd Irem Games

Block Mahjong (Irem, 78)
Mahjong (Irem, 78)
Mahjong DX (Irem, 78)
Piccolo (Irem, 78)
Power Block (Irem, 78)

P.T. Nyankoro (IPM/Irem, 79)

ShimaPong scan from a Japanese magazine.
Scan says 1978, but Shimapong says game is 01.78.
Info from ShimaPong:
IPM (1978-1979) is the previous corporate name of Irem. This is clone of Exidy's Circus. Main character is cats and balloon is replaced with mouse. Main feature is that parent mouse appears and prevents form long play.

Capsule Invader (Irem, 79)
Commander (Irem, 79)
New Block X (Irem, 79)
New Block Z (Irem, 79)
Space Command (Irem, 79)

Itazura Angel (Irem, 80)

Wonder Hole (Irem, 82)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
You're a car that stomps your enemies. The floor is filled with blue, red and yellow tiles. Different points are added depending on the tile color. Sometimes a tile changes to a hole, and you lose a life when you fall.

Punching Kid (Irem, 82)
Punching Kid is an alternate version of Oli-Boo-Chu which is in MAME.

Zippy Race (Irem, 83)
In MAME under the name Traverse USA/Zippy Race.

Super Spartan X / Super Kung-Fu Master (Irem [prototype], 85)

Kickle Cubicle (Irem, 86)
This is the world version of "Meikyuu Jima". Kickle Cubicle ROMs are actually not included in the "KIKCUBIC.ZIP" ROMset.

Battle Bird (Irem [limited release?], 86)

Pictures taken from a Japanese magazine.
3D shooting game that used a special monitor setup for the effect. For more information see: Magazine scan 1 / Magazine scan 2 / boardset 1 / boardset 2.
Info from ShimaPong:
This is 3D shooting game with special cabinet. The 3D system is stereoscopical with dual monitors. The game is VERY RARE! I hear that ONLY 3 working cabinets were in Japan in those days! This cabinet is desined by Nanao - the parent company of Irem. Several Irem games are developed by Nanao, for example, R-TYPE LEO.

小僧隊ガッチョ [Kozoutai Gaccho] (Irem [prototype], 87)

Stefan Lindberg scans from a Japanese magazine.
This game was exhibited at the '87 AOU Expo. Similar gameplay to "Circus".
Info from ShimaPong:
The main difference from Circus is that you need to jump to "Exit" to finish a stage. "Exit" appears when you erase all balloons or get "B" item. There are 40 total stages but 20 back ground gfx. If you erase all balloons on top line, you will get a bonus jump. You can have several items at the same time. Some power-ups are:
"P" : extra player (aka 1UP!)
"E" : get long seesaw
"H" : helmet. get shot attack
"B" : break. "Exit" appears but limited by timer
"D" : jumping Gatcyo divides to 3 characters
"C" : catch
"W" : 2 Gatcyos jumps at the same time
"T" : trampoline appears: useable 20 times
Bubble : no damage when you fail to catch. useable 3 times
Medal : disable power-down item
Reversed "R" : get curve-jump
Reversed "E" : short seesaw
Reversed "K" : lose power-up item
Reversed "J" : jump power down
Devil : Enemy appears

Huddle Up (Irem [prototype or limited release?], 88)

Pictures taken from Emulation Status.

New Dyna Blaster - Global Quest (Irem, 92)
In MAME as Bomber Man World/New Dyna Blaster - Global Quest.

Atomic Punk 2: Global Quest (Irem, 92)
Atomic Punk 2: Global Quest is in MAME under the name Bomber Man Global Quest. While there is a manual/marquee for "Atomic Punk 2" there likely isn't a ROMset with that title screen. Atomic Punk, Dynablaster, and Bomber Man are different names for the same series of game.

Air Assault (Irem, 93)
World version of Fire Barrel, which is in MAME.

Angel Whisper (Irem, 95)
Fortune-telling machine.

IPM Invader (Irem) Info from gregf:
One set from an Invader pcb is working. The other set, from a different pcb, is not complete.