unMAMEd IGS Games

Huang Fei Hong (IGS, 92)
In MAME as Alien Challenge.

China Dragon (IGS, 93)
In MAME as Chuugokuryuu and Dragon World.

Mahjong Dragon Challenge Tiger II (IGS, 98)

Picture courtesy of bnathan.
Mahjong Man Guan Cai Shen (IGS, 98)
Mahjong Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 2 (IGS, 98)

Dragon World 3 (IGS, 98)
Why it's not emulated (WHATSNEW.TXT):
Unemulated protection.
Dragon World 3 EX (IGS, 98)

Sangoku Senki (IGS, 99)
In MAME under the name Knights of Valour/Sangoku Senki.

Oriental Legend Super (IGS, 99)
Unemulated protection.

Tarzan (IGS, 9?)

Big D2 (IGS, 2000)

Super Tarzan (IGS/GF Gioca, 2000?)

Man Guan Fu Xing (IGS, 2000)

Knights of Valour 2 Plus / Sangoku Senki 2 Plus (IGS, 2001)

Phot Y2K 2 (IGS, 2001)

Sheng Dan Wu Xian (IGS, 2002)

Knights of Valour / Sangoku Senki: Aoshi Sanguo (IGS bootleg, 2004)

Happy 6-in-1 (IGS, 2004)

Speed Driver (IGS, 2004)

Fearless Pinocchio (IGS, 2006)

Dou Di Zhu (IGS, 200?)
Super Dou Di Zhu (IGS, 200?)

Long Hu Zheng Ba 3 (IGS, 200?)
Long Hu Zheng Ba 4 (IGS, 200?)

Kuai Le Xi You Ji (IGS, 200?)

Chess Challenge 2 (IGS, 200?)

Gone Fishing 2 (IGS, 200?)

EZ Touch (IGS, 200?)

Cabaret (IGS)