unMAMEd Exidy Games

Trapeze (Exidy, 78)
Only one board is known to exist. It was licensed to Taito as "Trampoline".

Kreepy Krawlers (Exidy [ever finished/released?], 80)

Picture taken from Arcade Flyer Archive
The flyer doesn't give any description of the game, unfortunately.

Snapper (Exidy [ever finished/released?], 82)
A flyer exists with a drawing of a gun-mounted turtle, but doesn't reveal anything about the game.

Vertigo (Exidy, 84)

Pictures taken from Arcade Flyer Archive and KLOV.
Vertigo was produced (the service manual is on spies) there was a follow-on game called 'Top Gunner' in 1986, which was the last vector game made by anyone. Exidy released these two color vector games in a motion platform cabinet. The control panel for Vertigo and Top Gunner are almost identical (there is a small sticker over the 'thrust' lever).
The pictures pointed to below are for a prototype vector game which was never released. (I suspect it is Vortex) The game being referred to below became Centuri's "Tunnel Hunt". At some point there was a rumor that Exidy looked at the vector version of this game but Owen denies that, and so do people that I've talked to at Exidy.
Info from Brian:
I think the story was that they tested it, but then passed on licensing it when it didn't test that great. Atari didn't produce it at the time, because the vector generator was too expensive. Owen Rubin, the designer/programmer, did finish it as a raster game, but Atari decided to license it to Centuri. They released it, but it flopped in the arcades due to its outdated gameplay. Atari never produced it, though. You can read more about this game at Vintage Gaming. Just click the Owen Rubin interview on the left under Interviews with Classic Game Designers.
Info from Kevin Smith:
There were actually two games at Exidy by that title. The first was a version of Owen Rubin's Tube Chase that I think they decided not to release. The second was the game in the rotating cabinet and was designed at Exidy by Howell Ivy. I talked to Howell Ivy a few years ago and am going to try to talk to him again in coming weeks to get more info (he remembered both games), but the latter game actually did make it into a few arcades.
More info from Goodwraith:
"Top Gunner" is the only known vector game to use a 2600 bitslice vector controller. There isn't any documentation for that chip; somebody will have to reverse-engineer it.
And info from Al Kossow:
2901, actually. Both Vertigo and Top Gunner use the same board set.

0077 (Exidy [ever finished/released?], 86)
John S writes:
I have played 0077 at the arcades, and it is a different version of the Exidy game Top Secret. The game play is *slightly* different, and so are the controls. The place that I played 0077 was the arcade in the Bronco Bowl of Dallas, TX. I'm not sure which game Bronco Bowl had first, 0077 or Top Secret, but one of those two games was there for about a week before being replaced by the other. They had similar cabinets, though the controls were slightly different. I think I prefered 0077 over Top Secret, since that is the game I've been looking for, for mame. Again, 0077 and Top Secret are almost the same game, the map, the game play, and the controls are all slightly changed from one version to the other. It is enough so, to give a different feel for playing the game.