Incomplete MAME drivers for EM / Pinball / Fruit Machines

Information on these games:
EM, or electro-mechanical games, have a physical element to them, such as moving gears. Pinball also obviously has moving parts including a ball rolling around in it. Fruit machines, popular in the UK don't have a display but usually many bulbs behind a backglass/translite display. As more incomplete drivers of these unique type of machines appear in MAME, they can be listed on this page, just to avoid confusion. Without some outside simulation and/or graphics overlay these games won't be playable, even if the emulation does become working in the future.

18 Wheeler (Midway, 79)
Video of the game is on YouTube.

Submarine (Midway, 79)
More information is on this YouTube video. From looking at the MAME source, it appears that the driver is for sound and LED light control.

Ice Cold Beer (Taito, 83)
Zeke's Peak (Taito, 83)
In both of these games you control the elevation and tilt of a metal rod, which moves a pinball up the vertical playfield. You try to guide the ball into the correct hole. Videos can be fairly easily found on YouTube.

Super Six Plus II English Mark Darts (Arachnid, 90)
More information is on this YouTube video. The machine is a dart board, but does have a CRT display.

Metal Man (Inder, 92)
Pinball game.

Country Club Classic (Creative Electronics and Software, 97)
Home Run Classic (Creative Electronics and Software, 97)
Trap Shoot Classic (Creative Electronics and Software, 97)
These are all wall mount games with a few LED screens, simulating golf/baseball/shooting.

Mann, oh-Mann (Merkur, 9?)
A german table-top LED dice game. There is an interesting YouTube video of the machine, however I have no idea what's going on in it!

Thunderbirds (JPM, 9?)
Fruit machine based on the old TV show.

Popeye (JPM, 9?)
Fruit machine.

Frank 'n' Stein (Crystal, 9?)
Fruit machine.