non-CPU based Games

For emulation, check out Dice.

For more information on the games, check out Discrete Logic.

Information on these games:
Old games such as Pong didn't use microprocessor ROMs but integrated circuits. Emulation of the actual circuits themselves is needed to get the games in MAME. This emulation is being worked on in a project called Dice, or Discrete Integrated Circuit Emulator. More information can be found at adam's emulation wip.

Computer Space (Nutting Associates, 71)

Pong (Atari, 72)
Pong was added to MAME for a short while, but later removed because the simulation was very inaccurate, then was later re-added with some emulation issues. It's also emulated in Dice.

Gotcha (Atari, 73)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Space Race (Atari, 73)

Picture from DICE WIP page.

Soccer (Taito, 73)
Basketball (Taito, 74)

Rebound (Atari, 74)

Picture from DICE WIP page.

Pin Pong (Atari, 74)

Pictures taken from YouTube video.

Clean Sweep (Ramtek, 74)

Pictures taken from Discrete Logistics

DICE WIP picture of Clean Sweep
A game similar to Breakout. Also bears more than a passing resemblance to Star Rub.
Info (source lost, sorry!):
Three different versions of Ramtek's Clean Sweep have been dumped. The proms are now accounted for even though the non-cpu game has not been emulated yet. If curious, copies of logic schematics of Clean Sweep are in hands of a few different folks. Clean Sweep might be emulated in DICE, but it will be a while.

Zap (Allied Leisure, 74)

Cabinet picture from MAMEWorld post.

TV Basketball (Midway, 74)

Picture from DICE WIP page.

Surround (Atari)
Info from Stefan:
Surround most likely never existed as an arcade game, it was only available for the Atari 2600.
Pong Doubles (Atari, 73)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Quadrapong (Atari, 74)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Tank (Atari [Kee Games], 74)
Tank II (Atari [Kee Games], 75)

Crash 'N Score (Atari, 75)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Anti-Aircraft (Atari, 75)

Pictures courtesy of gregac5a.

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Jet Fighter (Atari, 75)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Steeplechase (Atari, 75)

Pictures courtesy of gregac5a.
Shark Jaws (Atari [Horror Games], 75)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
Breakout (Atari, 76)

Picture from DICE WIP page.
LeMans (Atari, 76)
Stunt Cycle (Atari, 76)

Picture from DICE WIP page.

Crossfire (Atari, 75?)

Picture from message board post.
Gregf has found an incomplete service manual to this game.
Info from Keith Smith's message board post:
Here is what Lyle Rains told me about Crossfire back around 2000:
[Lyle Rains] Usually, an ultra-limited production run meant that we sold the pre-production prototypes and hoped nobody got mad at us. This was the case with Crossfire.
The game required two players, each with a “gun”, at opposite sides of the playfield. Each player had a vertical position knob (a potentiometer like Pong) and a fire button. Each gun could have one shot in the air at a time. There was a big ball, which started at the center, and there were small bumpers in the playfield that made the ball bounce. You tried to “push” the ball into your opponent’s goal line by shooting it. Each hit added a little energy and it took multiple hits to get the speed of the ball up, but then you had to watch out for rebounds off the bumpers.
An interesting aspect of the game was the one-shot-at-a-time rule. If the ball was on your side of the field, then you could shoot more often than your opponent (unless, of course, you missed and had to wait for the shell to cross the entire screen). This made it possible to achieve remarkable “come-backs” from near-certain defeat.
From the image posted it looks like it had joysticks, not paddle controls so Rains might have been misremembering (or maybe they changed controls at some point).

Rainbow Block

Pictures from YouTube video.
Looks like a Japanese Breakout clone. Assuming this is game uses similar hardware.

Trivia (Ramtek, 75)
Ramtek Trivia revision B proms have been dumped. Some of the 8-track tape games used with Ramtek Trivia have been purchased and will be dumped later.

Man TT (Sega, Aug 76)

ShimaPong scans from a Japanese magazine.
Info from ShimaPong:
Japanese version of FONZ. Bike-handle shakes when you clash or slide off the track. Sound uses a tape recorded from real bike racing.
Manx TT is released at 11.1995 from Sega on Model 2 board but a developer says he doesn't know this game.
Info from Fever (Discrete Logistics):
'Manx' refers to the 'Isle of Man' which is an island off the coast of England where there's no speed limit and every year they hold amateur Time Trials for bikes. A couple of riders usually get killed every year. That's were the bob tailed cats are from too!

Ckidzo (Meadows, 76)

Meadows 4 in 1 (Meadows, 76)

Death Race (Exidy, 76)

BiPlane (Fun Games, 76)

Speed Race (Fuji, 7?)
(From Andrew)
There is a very old (74-77?) vertical driving game I just got called "Speed Race". It has a large cabinet with a BW display, and a timer with a circle of led's to the right of the screen. Game ends when the timer runs out. Graphics are very simple like the earliest Atari games. I have access to another "Speed Race" cabinet. Is it vertical and made of moulded plastic, and very large (well over 6ft). Looks like a statue from Easter Island!
It's made by a company called "Fuji" (not Tatio as I originally thought). There is also a Fuji copyright on the board. I can't find a date anywhere but it is definately mid 70's. The cabinet is very well built with a big realistic woodgrain analogue steering wheel and gas pedal, but it's not as big as I remember. The board uses discrete circuitry, no cpu. If anyone wants more info on this, I would be glad to help.

Bazooka (PSE, 77)

Picture taken from the KLOV.
Desert Patrol (PSE)
The Game Tree (PSE)
Maneater (PSE)
Maneater's cabinet was a giant mold of a shark head! This was at California Extreme '99 but the game was not working. Here's a YouTube video of the game in action.
Info from Al: Project Support Engineering (PSE) made these four games.

Attack (Exidy, 77)

Picture from DICE WIP page.

Cross Fire (Taito, 77)
A ripoff of Bazooka.

Wipe Out (Ramtek) / Leader (Midway)

DICE WIP picture of Wipe Out
Info from Gregf:
To prevent any confusion, Ramtek Wipe Out licensed the game to Midway and Midway called their game "Leader". It is the same game, but the emulated game that Rich shows is from a Ramtek Wipe Out pcb. Midway Leader pcb is still on the want list.

Monaco GP (Sega, 79)
Pro Monaco GP (Sega, 79)

Pictures courtesy of Brian Deuel.
There is a Monaco GP simulator in the works. Pro Monaco GP is similar, with the following differences (courtesy of Brian Deuel):
1. Different cabinet (larger upright), side art, bezel, marquee...
2. Player gets 200 bonus points for every car he passes on the bridge (awarded immediately)
3. Player gets 200 bonus points per car at the end of the game if he passes 16 successive cars.
4. The game gives you a ranking based on the number of games played since the game was last plugged in. Top five scores go into the Top Five display to the left of the monitor.
Don't know the production numbers of this game, but I'm pretty sure it was quite low. There's only one that I know of in existence...